About Us

Stingray Advisory Group LLC is based in Grand Rapids, MI. We provide customized solutions to start-up entrepreneurs as well as established business owners that allow them to achieve success. 

We understand the time constraints business owners face. We also realize that your mission is furthering the product or service you're passionate about. We are here to handle operational tasks that will foster on-going development. 

We provide tailored plans to assist with marketing strategy development, financial management and strategic planning. These key components are crucial to business growth and overall success. Our specialty niche is providing training to business owners, office managers and teams around fraud prevention techniques.

Industries We Serve

The knowledgeable team at Stingray Advisory Group can assist with your industry's needs. We are well-versed in working with clients with varying size businesses and in a wide-range of industries. The current and prior experience of our team spans from working with true start-up operations up to multi-million dollar corporations. 

Our core focus is on serving: professional service providers, retailers/restaurant owners, independent healthcare specialists and non-profit organizations.

Through years of experience, dedication to continued professional development and education as well as regular client interactions, our team is fully qualified and capable of addressing any concern.

We truly value our clients and the relationships we have with them. Please take a moment to view and read the testimonials below.


Take a look at the calendar below to see our real-time availability. Once you find a time that works, you can include it in the form next to the calendar or email us to secure and confirm your appointment.

If you are not seeing a time that works for you, please reach out to us by email.


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"They say that the 3rd time is the charm; and the Stingray Advisory Group did that in developing a website for ENRG Power Systems LLC. Our company markets a high-tech automotive ignition system which yields a double-digit improvement in light truck and van fuel economy. Stingray [Advisory Group] did all the things for us the previous two high-visibility companies engaged to develop our website did not – they listened; they asked good questions; they built our multi-page site around our direct marketing vs. the ubiquitous “SEO”; and they rewrote our “expert” text for improved audience attractiveness and comprehension. They made our site, our work and our research look great, and we could not have been more satisfied with their work. We look forward working on our next project with them." - ENRG Power Systems LLC

"What I needed was advice. I needed advising. I needed someone to help point me in the right direction. I needed someone to help with the pointing and Leandra has done that." - V. Poleni

"Stingray Advisory Group prides themselves on great customer service. Leandra Williams did an amazing job in assisting me with obtaining my articles of incorporation. I was new to the process and quite nervous regarding my new venture. It was Leandra's professionalism and attention to detail, that quickly eased my nervousness. Again, Stingray Advisory Group is a great company that works hard for their clients and without hesitation I can give my unqualified recommendation." -BluMark Studio LLC

"Leandra did a great job with assisting me and giving me the reassurance I needed regarding questions I had with setting up my business. I appreciate your professionalism as well as promptness in helping me to figure things out. I will definitely tell others about my great experience I received from Stingray Advisory Group LLC!" - Arlene Edwards

"I recently engaged Stingray Advisory Group to set up two LLCs for me. I found them to be clear about what services were being offered and what my options were up front and I was satisfied with the quick and efficient manner in which they did the work and answered my questions. I would use them again and recommend them to others starting a business." - Kevin Kesseler, Founder and CEO, AsystBio LLC

"Leandra was very helpful, knowledgeable and flexible and was able to supply the expertise and insight I needed to complete my business plan. She did what she said she was going to do, when she said she was going to do it. As a one-man band, small business...you come to appreciate those kind of people." - EZBannerz LLC

"Being a brand new business owner, we had lots of questions and reservations with what was needed to begin. Stingray [Advisory Group] provided the answers and solutions to all our questions. We at no time ever felt rushed or overwhelmed during the process to begin our business. It was a comfortable transition from private individual to business owner. Thanks to Leandra and her company we can now enter our market with complete confidence." - Shelton's Goods LLC

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