By: Leandra | September 07, 2018

In a recent blog post, we introduced you to Taryn Kutches and Parker Design. Even though her business is young, Kutches has already found success in her passion career. Like many of us these days, Kutches wears multiple hats. She is a dedicated mother, hard-working sales engineer, and, as you know, the co-founder of Parker Design. In this post, we will be highlighting Taryn’s take on failure and resilience. 

Often times, people are afraid to try new things - even mundane things - out of a fear of failure. Nobody ever wants to be knocked down, hear the the word ‘no’ or simply have something not work out. However, failure is part of human nature. Failure can be good thing. While overcoming failure can absolutely be a testament to the resi...

By: Leandra | January 25, 2018

Team Working

There is no denying the incredible value of a strong team. It is not always easy to recruit the right people. And once you've found them, how do you keep them? Take a look at these seven tips for attracting and retaining top talent.

What are you doing in your organization to build the best team possible?

By: Leandra | July 14, 2017

Let Your Email Address Work For You!

Your email address may be your first impression on a new partner or potential client. Don't let it give the wrong impression.

Studies have shown that businesses using a professional email account are utilized 9x more than those that do not! 

Can you afford to potentially lose out on business because of your email address?

Now through August 31, 2017, secure your personal, business-branded email address ( AND hosting for only $85 per year. Click here to request yours today!

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By: Leandra | March 07, 2017

If you're struggling to find your rhythm and keep making progress towards your long-term goals, take a look at some recommendations for success. 

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By: Leandra | November 05, 2016

El Granjero Mexican Grill Meeting
El Granjero Mexican Grill Planning Meeting

We were pleased to work with Paola Mendivil and the El Granjero Mexican Grill team as they prepared for their ninth anniversary and restaurant renovations! They have officially announced that they will be moving forward with their remodel later this month. Customers can look to see the unveiled updates in December. Congratulations to El Granjero on this and their recent Grand Rapids Chamber EPIC award! Click here to view their press release.