By: Leandra | December 03, 2019

Spring Into Business box branding

By: Corey Evans

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we announced the release of Spring Into Business, our fully-customizable, business-in-a-box solution that, along with our 1-on-1 support, will allow you to launch your business the right way. Just think, you could be up and running before the end of the year! Spring Into Business helps with crucial early-stage milestones such as registration and brand creation along with ongoing marketing strategies. Connect with us today to receive 10% off between now and December 7th!

Stingray Advisory Group Small Business Saturday graphic

Here at Stingray Advisory Group, we take pride in helping inventors, developers, and other entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to reality. We provide assistance every step of the way from developing business plans and properly registering businesses, to providing bookkeeping assistance, marketing support, and more.

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