By: Leandra | January 09, 2020

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By: Corey Evans

Happy New Year! We are excited for the new year and it’s the best time to set goals and make preparations to have a successful year. Most business owners will have the same idea and you don’t want to fall behind! Some tips to help you plan for the New Year are:

  • Set Realistic Goals - It’s important to set reasonable standards for excellence throughout the year. Realistic goals are large enough to require work but small enough that they are not too far out of reach, which typically leads to frustration and disappointment.
  • Business Planning Meetings - Make planning a weekly event. Most business owners plan monthly or quarterly, but that may not be enough. Weekly planning allows you to become more granular with how much time is spent completing tasks throughout the week, so no more bad months. 
  • Delegate - Most successful businesses are not 1-man shops. Owners rely on their teams to scale and grow their business. To reach your realistic goals for the year, you will need to delegate responsibilities.

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Goal setting, weekly planning meetings, and delegation all help form a structure for your business. A normal goal for most business owners is to increase revenue. The number one way to earn more revenue for your company is to put time and energy into marketing. Start the year on the right foot with the following marketing tips. 

  • New Year’s Email - Craft an eye catching New Year’s email to your contact database. Consumers get bombarded with emails going into the new year, so wait a few days after the year begins to deliver a crafty message. 
  • Custom Calendars - A common purchase for the new year is going to be a new calendar. Create custom calendars and gift them to your clients/customers. This way they will see your brand every day.  
  • New Year’s Promotion - Run a limited time offer/deal to attract new business. 
  • Social Media Posting - Share snippets of content from your New Year’s email across social media channels. This is also a good place to mention new product launches, holiday promotions, and more. 

Planning and marketing your business will help drive early sales and lead to a promising year. With all these preparations in place, it’s time to execute!

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