By: Leandra | March 08, 2019

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Many working folks in American society consider a long day spent working at their desk (with little or no breaks) productive and that devoting multiple hours straight on a project(s) is a work day well spent. Employees are often under a great deal of stress and pressure to reach their goals or meet tight deadlines – leaving them with little or no time to recharge their batteries. If this sounds like you, keep reading for tips on how to find balance in your workday.

Did you know that during tedious tasks, the average person’s ability to focus gets more difficult by the minute? A great way to combat this is to schedule short breaks throughout the day. Short breaks can help boost attention, creativity, productivity, and overall mood!

When scheduling breaks, do so with intention and a goal in mind. Listen to your body, honor what it needs and how you are feeling. Spend this time taking your focus completely away from work. Here are some ideas to help you detach:

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  • Get outsidetake a walk or sit and enjoy the fresh air. Did you know that Vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for health? It protects against inflammation, lowers blood pressure, helps muscle strength, and improves overall brain function.
  • Meditate/stretchclear your mind and focus on relaxation and/or reducing anxiety with movement. Take at least five big inhale breaths each followed by an audible exhale. Get moving and stretch your muscles to release any tension or stiffness in your body.
  • Get physicalexercise of any kind will help increase blood flow to the brain, allowing you to regain focus. Take a gym break or go for a calming walk or jog!
  • Do something you enjoykeep it simple and do something fun for 10-20 minutes. Browse Pinterest, catch up on your favorite book, create a new Spotify playlist, practice journaling, doodle, etc!

Whatever you do, pencil in time for yourself and remember: the key to a productive life is practicing balance.

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