By: Leandra | July 12, 2018

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Tip #1: Run Photo Contests to Build Buzz and Create Engagement

If you want to elicit more engagement and create more pizzazz for your brand on Instagram, you might want to think about contests. The platform has become a go-to place for those looking to run impactful photo contests -- and for good reason. It’s easy to build a contest, share, and promote it. 

You can simply ask Instagram users to utilize a specific branded hashtag for the contest when tagging their photos. It’ll be quite easy to search through the images, making it easy for users to vote and pick a winning photo!

Tip #2: Incentivize Users with Discount and Promo Codes

There’s a good chance that you offer promo or discount codes on your website, so why not take it up a notch on Instagram. You can reward those viewing or interacting with your photos, videos and posts with discount codes too. Hint: Create specific codes for Instagram so you can track how they're performing and where your new customers are coming from!

Tip #3: Feature Customers on Your Posts and Profile

There’s nothing quite like seeing a familiar face on a business profile. It brings your brand closer to the customer and gives your profile a “human touch”. If your customers share something amazing or are part of your happenings, be sure to highlight them.  

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