By: Leandra | June 21, 2018

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Instagram has made huge milestones and leaps over the years to become one of the most popular social media platforms, outperforming Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit combined when it comes to engagement. With more than 800 million active monthly users, Instagram has become a darling for businesses. What’s more -- the platform is built around the premise of creating buzz, something that can do wonders for any business digital marketing strategy.

No matter how you look at it, Instagram will keep pulling in more and more active users, and it’s high time you start using it to take your business to the next level. The bigger question, however, is: which types of businesses should or can stand to benefit from using Instagram? Turns out, Instagram can benefit just about any type of business, especially small to medium-sized businesses and startups. 

What Are the Benefits of Instagram for Small Businesses and Startups?

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Expand Your Reach and Grow Your Customer Base on a Budget

Instagram gives startups and small businesses a kinship in a collective sense. With a slew of engagement tools, the platform can help these businesses grow their customer base, expand their reach, inspire more followers and build loyalty - all without breaking the bank. After all, small businesses don’t have bottomless budgets. 

Offers Creative and Low-Budget Ways to Market Your Products/Brands

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Instagram is the way the platform displays images. This way, businesses can get as creative as possible without spending an extra dollar on an ad agency. Instagram filters and editing tools make customizing photos, videos and other marketing graphics effortless and easy. 

Promotions at Their Best

Instagram allows businesses to run promotions and update their customers on the latest sales, discounts and offers in a captivating way. By creating branded hashtags, they can run unique and trackable promotions that’ll get more eyeballs. 

Don't forget - we still have several tips for how to use Instagram so check back!

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