By: Leandra | November 05, 2016

El Granjero Mexican Grill Meeting
El Granjero Mexican Grill Planning Meeting

We were pleased to work with Paola Mendivil and the El Granjero Mexican Grill team as they prepared for their ninth anniversary and restaurant renovations! They have officially announced that they will be moving forward with their remodel later this month. Customers can look to see the unveiled updates in December. Congratulations to El Granjero on this and their recent Grand Rapids Chamber EPIC award! Click here to view their press release.

By: Leandra | May 01, 2015

Part I of this series focused on how to establish your presence online. Part II assisted you with taking the next step of determining where your target audience can be found online. These are both important considerations when looking to create your organization’s digital footprint. In addition to utilizing the Internet and social media for marketing purposes, there are several other online tools that can be beneficial within the business realm.

When you take a look at your average day and, in turn, your average week, where do you find yourself focusing the majority of your time? Are you utilizing paper records to manage your books? Do you need to connect with your sales team and get updates on their calling efforts? Or perhaps you are focus...