By: Leandra | October 01, 2020

Frustrated Businessman

By: Christina Nguyen

Happy October! October is the first full month of fall, but did you know that it’s also Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month? Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage our own emotions and recognize them in others. Our level of emotional intelligence influences several facets of our everyday personal and interpersonal lives, such as our social skills and the empathy we feel for others.

Since the workplace is an interactive, interdependent setting, emotional intelligence has several pragmatic benefits. A good EQ (emotional quotient) can help us empathize with our teammates and facilitate more cohesive, drama-free teamwork in general.

With how much there is to gain with a high EQ, it’s not too ...

By: Leandra | September 24, 2020

Tablet with Google page display

By: Christina Nguyen

When you do a Google search of literally anything, what results are you clicking on first? Chances are that it’s the first few results without giving a thought to the second or third pages of results.

It isn’t random which pages appear higher on the list. To earn those coveted spots, websites must go through consistent search engine optimization (SEO). This requires a bit of a budget to hire an SEO specialist with a little more for the tools they’ll need. However, not having that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your SEO yourself. 

Here are a few things you or your marketing strategists can do for SEO on a limited budget:

1. Add more long-tail keywords to your website.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re more l...

By: Leandra | September 17, 2020

We Are Open Sign

By: Christina Nguyen

Just like many relationships and objects in life, businesses aren’t permanent -- data shows that not all of them make it past 18 months. Even a business thriving in the fall of 2019 could have sunk in April 2020. This is likely due to the business not being able to adapt to changing times, but there could have been a host of other factors as well.

Running a business in any industry is a complex, multi-faceted challenge. The reasons why so many businesses don’t last vary greatly depending on the actions of the key decision-makers and the status of their target market. 

Here are some ways to make your business last and keep it sustainable:

1. Know your target audience in as much depth as possible, staying updated.


By: Leandra | September 09, 2020

Two Women Talking

Hiring what seems to be the perfect new employee doesn’t mean they’ll automatically have an amazing experience at your business. Even if they raved about how impressed they were with you, the other interviewers, and your business, your first impression isn’t over. There’s also the first impression they’ll form of actually being an employee rather than an outsider meeting with you.

This means your onboarding process needs to be smooth, informative, friendly, welcoming -- overall as conducive as possible to amping up their enthusiasm to stick around. Hiring an employee costs quite a bit and losing them does too, so it’s best to invest in whatever you can to reduce employee churn. This can include implementing certain procedures and using the r...

By: Leandra | September 03, 2020

Man and Woman at an Interview

By: Christina Nguyen

If your business is fortunate enough to be growing at this time, you might be hiring some new faces to join your team. Hiring can be a daunting process, as interviews can be nerve-wracking. After all, the candidates are interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them.

Across all roles, the right or wrong hire can make a significant difference to your business, with the impact depending on their role and actions. The presence and influence of the right or wrong person can also affect employee morale, so you’ll have to consider their internal impact as well.

The hiring process isn’t something everyone succeeds at right away. Just like working a job, you learn the dos and don’ts from experience. From our experiences, h...


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