By: Leandra | September 24, 2020

Tablet with Google page display

By: Christina Nguyen

When you do a Google search of literally anything, what results are you clicking on first? Chances are that it’s the first few results without giving a thought to the second or third pages of results.

It isn’t random which pages appear higher on the list. To earn those coveted spots, websites must go through consistent search engine optimization (SEO). This requires a bit of a budget to hire an SEO specialist with a little more for the tools they’ll need. However, not having that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your SEO yourself. 

Here are a few things you or your marketing strategists can do for SEO on a limited budget:

1. Add more long-tail keywords to your website.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re more l...

By: Leandra | September 17, 2020

We Are Open Sign

By: Christina Nguyen

Just like many relationships and objects in life, businesses aren’t permanent -- data shows that not all of them make it past 18 months. Even a business thriving in the fall of 2019 could have sunk in April 2020. This is likely due to the business not being able to adapt to changing times, but there could have been a host of other factors as well.

Running a business in any industry is a complex, multi-faceted challenge. The reasons why so many businesses don’t last vary greatly depending on the actions of the key decision-makers and the status of their target market. 

Here are some ways to make your business last and keep it sustainable:

1. Know your target audience in as much depth as possible, staying updated.


By: Leandra | August 28, 2020

Man Working in a Small Business Office

By: Christina Nguyen

No matter how savvy you are at entrepreneurship, there will always be challenges along the way. If you’ve been following our blog, we’ve been helping our clients overcome several challenges relating to handling the current pandemic while keeping their employees safe and effectively communicating.

The pandemic hasn’t been the only challenge our clients have overcome. As advisors to startup businesses, we know that being small can pose its own unique challenges to a wide variety of industries. Fortunately, our years of experience have told us to not give up on finding solutions. 

Here are some common challenges our small business clients have faced and tips for how they can be overcome:

1. Employees wearing many ha...

By: Leandra | August 19, 2020

Women Writing on a Board

By: Christina Nguyen

If you’ve decided to reopen your office, we hope you’re doing so in a safe and considerate way! You can head on over to our previous blog post about how to reopen safely to see some helpful suggestions for getting started.

With the economy slightly opening up again, businesses have found themselves rehiring former employees to cater to increased demands. However, rehiring former employees isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Many businesses are adapting to a “new normal”, which means the duties of the same employees aren’t exactly the same as pre-Covid times. Social dynamics may have changed to account for social distancing. Sales and marketing may have adapted to reflect new habits. 

Keeping your employees safe, he...


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