By: Leandra | August 01, 2020

Woman Doing Yoga at Home

By: Christina Nguyen

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, and small businesses in particular have faced a heavy, disheartening amount of damage. Unlike massive multinational corporations, many have limited resources.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up as a small business owner! Many small and big businesses alike are pivoting their strategies to better adapt to current events. After all, marketing always has to be responsive to current events whether we’re going though harsh or plentiful times. It’s always important to understand your customers’ issues, pain points, interests, and values so you can develop your products and services with all these in mind.

Even though many places are opening up, not everyone’s life is back to normal an...

By: Leandra | July 20, 2020

By: Christina Nguyen

This pandemic has understandably led to worsened mental health for millions of Americans. One reason is likely due to the lack of regular social interaction, which we’ve mentioned in our last blog is a major bummer of working from home for some of us. Of course, there’s also the uncertainty and anxiety due to the unprecedented nature of these events. 

Self-care is vital to keeping yourself in tip-top shape mentally and physically. Now is undoubtedly a critical time to meditate, eat healthy, work out (at home), and perform whatever exercises are beneficial for your motivation and vitality. 

However, your self-care shouldn’t just be towards yourself, but also to your employees! How you treat them will impact their...

By: Leandra | July 10, 2020

Woman Working at a Desk

By: Christina Nguyen

In our last blog post, we discussed the advantages to working from home you may not have realized. Working from home can bring quite a few benefits you may or may not have realized, such as some extra “you time”, saving money from eating out, and allowing more control over your environment.In case you missed it, check it out and see why working from home can be a dream for so many people!

Unfortunately, working from home also has its downsides. Whether these downsides outweigh the benefits will depend on your life circumstances, personal preferences, and job duties.

Before you make your decision whether to return to your office or not, let’s talk about a few cons of continuing to work from home:

1. Limited social inte...

By: Leandra | July 02, 2020

Man Reclining Working From Home

By: Christina Nguyen

As you can see from our last blog post, offices throughout the world are reopening. Employees are coming back into the office and seeing each other in person again. 

However, some companies, most notably tech giants like Twitter and Shopify, realized that working from home actually turned out to be pretty effective and efficient. They’re  now giving employees the option to permanently work from home. Research actually shows that working from home improves mood and productivity, making it beneficial for employees and employers. 

Since most of us have been working from home for the past few months, you’ve probably realized some ways it’s improved your life. However, there might have been some benefits you have...

By: Leandra | June 26, 2020

Woman Cleaning

By: Christina Nguyen

The world is gradually reopening, which means you’ll be able to see your coworkers again in the office soon. However, this doesn’t mean the virus has gone away. With thousands of people in every state testing positive every day, it’s important that all businesses take proper sanitary precautions to prevent further spread.

Working in an office usually means you’ll be surrounded by other people for several hours a day, sharing a lot of the same amenities. You and your staff will need to be mindful and attentive of both your own actions and each other’s health. Here are some measures you can take to keep your workplace safe for your fellow employees.


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